What Makes a Good Waist Trainer

What makes a good waist trainer?Are you confused about the quality of the corsets and cinchers that you should choose?

Waist training helps make your waistline slimmer, giving you an hourglass figure.

If you want to train your waistline, don’t just settle for any cheap tummy training corsets. Be sure to get a good waist trainer that is right for your body, so your time and money won’t go to waste.

What Makes a Good Waist Trainer?

Different cinchers are made also made of different kinds of fabrics and other materials. Make sure to choose one with strong quality fabric that will last for a while. Also, a steel boned waist training corset is more sturdy and more durable than the one with a plastic bone structure. It is highly recommended that you use the steel bone designed corsets.

Choosing the Best Quality Waist Trainers

1. Durable and Comfortable Fit

Your cincher should fit to where you can lock your corset at the last hook. Being able to fit just right when locked on the last hook means that you have chosen the right waist cincher size.

2. Proper Structure When Worn

Once you wear your waist trainer, make sure that it still looks like a waist trainer. If you notice that it’s rolling over your waist, then your cincher must be too small for you.

3. You Can Breathe Properly

Choosing the right corsetA good waist cincher allows you to breathe without any interventions and pain. You should still be able to breathe properly and normally even if the training band is tightening your stomach and diaphragm.

4. Comfortable in the Long Run

The first time you wear a waist trainer, expect that it will be quite uncomfortable up to a few days of wearing it. That is why it is advisable to wear your corset just a few hours the first time. Then you can gradually increase the number of hours you can handle wearing it. Do not force yourself to wear it, as it may be too much discomfort for your body. If you are doing everything right and it still makes you uncomfortable, then it may be because of the quality of the corset itself.

5. No Bulging

A good waist trainer should be able to close properly and tightly without any bulging. If there are bulges, then it means that your corset is most likely poor quality and cannot shape your waist properly.

Also, you don’t just want to look at the quality. If it’s not the right waist training size for you, it will still make you uncomfortable and may not help you with your training. Even if it’s a superior quality waist training corset you must have the right size for your body. So be sure to get the right size for your hourglass shape. Typically, you can get a waist trainer that is about 4-7 inches smaller than your actual waistline. If your waist is below 38 inches, and 7-10 inches smaller if your waist is more than 30 inches.


Make sure that your waist training is effective. It would be even better if you pair it with regular exercise and a balanced diet. When choosing a good waist trainer, don’t forget to follow the checklist we’ve provided to you.