Waist Training 101

By now you have seen that waist training results can really be beneficial for your shape and posture. When you buy your corset, you may feel excited and eager to wear it all the time. Although benefits of using corset are numerous, you do not need to rush. No training gives results overnight, so do not expect it. Instead, give your body some time to adjust to the change. Respect the procedure of getting acquainted with the product, in order to avoid the risks. We bring you a waist training 101, a seven-day procedure of getting used to wearing a cincher.

Day one - your cincher has arrived and you are super-excited to try it on. However, when you first try it on, you may feel strange and uncomfortable. Do not let this discourage you. Allow yourself up to 2-3 hours of wearing this garment so your body can adjust to this new concept. Avoid doing any exercises the first day, and let your body get accustomed to the new feeling of wearing the cincher.

Day two - this is when you will already notice that wearing a cincher became easier. Still, do not wear it for more than 4 hours and remember that you are still in the early stage of adjusting. You can try with very light exercise to see how it feels with the cincher on, but make sure not to overdo it.

Day three - this is the day when you can get a bit more serious about wearing a cincher. Your body should be accustomed to what was initially a strange feeling, so you can prolong the period of wearing it. You should be able to wear it for as long as 8 hours. In addition, on the third day you should start with 10-15 minutes of cardio exercises. Running, riding a bicycle or skipping a rope would be ideal, because you do not need to go to the gym if you still feel uncomfortable.

Day four - on the fourth day, wearing a cincher for 8 hours should not be a problem, but avoid wearing it for longer than that. You will start noticing the change in your posture. Also, while wearing the corset, you will not be able to eat as much as before. You can skip the exercise on the fourth day and let your body adjust to wearing this garment for a longer period of time.

Day five - this is the day when you make another big step towards getting accustomed to the new regimen. You can try and push yourself to wear the cincher for 9 hours straight. Also, this is a day when you should do cardio exercises again, in duration from 15 to 20 minutes.

Day six - By the sixth day, you should be much more comfortable with wearing the waist trainer. This is when you can even adjust it and tighten it up a bit, because it may get loose after 5 days of wearing. This is when you start wearing the garment from 6 to 10 hours a day, and you should keep this tempo over the following 8 weeks.

Day seven - after day seven you should experience a range of changes. First of all, your appetite will be smaller and you will not be able to eat too much because your stomach will be compressed. Then, you will feel much more comfortable while wearing the cincher, because your body will be used to the change. Also, you will find it easier to exercise while wearing it, so you should incorporate cardio training into your daily routine and increase the intensity gradually.

Stay committed to the routine until you reach the figure you wanted, but you will definitely notice the changes in only a couple of days.

Over the 8-week period, you will feel comfortable with the routine and get accustomed to the exercises and the new eating habits.

You should also gradually tighten the cincher every couple of days. After eight weeks or less, you will reach the results you wanted and be happy with your new body. Now that you know how it works, make sure you read the reviews of our recommended products by going to waisttrainertopic.com

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