Waist Nipper with Firm Control by Maidenform Flexees

If you are looking for a firm, yet elegantly designed and truly beautiful cincher, this is the model you will love. Waist Nipper Firm Control cincher brings together firm support, great discretion and wonderful design, which will make you feel self-confident and desirable from the moment you first wear it. The first and the most obvious characteristic of this model is elegant, feminine design with jacquard fabric. 

 It is available in four colors: white, black, beige and blush. This model is suitable for wearing under all sorts of garments, and you can rest assured that it will be discrete and unnoticed underneath your clothes. Thanks to its truly beautiful pattern and design, it can also become a great addition to your favorite lingerie, which will make you feel even more sexy and beautiful.

Get Strong Support with Maidenform Flexees Waist Nipper

When it comes to the performances of this model, it provides strong support for the waist and the belly. It goes from your hips to under the breasts, making your tummy flatter, your waistline thinner and your breasts lightly lifted. It has hourglass shape, which further helps you achieve such a shape. The material is very thin, yet very firm and durable. This means that you will have a strong support and compression for the targeted area, and it will still be impossible to spot the cincher under the clothes. It also has strong and flexible boning, which provides additional support and keeps the garment in place.

Hook-and-eye closure is used for this model and it is placed on the front. This makes it easy to put the model on and off, and the hooks are completely invisible under the clothes, no matter how tight is the dress or the shirt you are wearing. The only slight disadvantage is that there is only one row of hooks. This means that you need to be particularly careful when choosing the size, because there are not so many adjusting possibilities as there are with waist training corsets with two or more rows of hooks.

Waist Nipper Firm Control is made from nylon and a high percentage of elastane. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the combination of materials makes it very comfortable for wearing because your movement is not restricted as it can be with the cinchers that are less elastic. Also, this compensates for only one row of hooks. On the minus side, some ladies may find it uncomfortable to wear it directly on the skin, despite the fact that the material is soft and pleasant when you bough it. However, this can easily be resolved by wearing a tank top under your cincher.

Working Out Wearing The Cincher: Is it Possible?

Since many women want to use cinchers during exercise, we cannot skip this part of the review. There are things to consider when choosing a waist trainer which can have impact on your final decision, and one of them is whether it is suitable for wearing at the gym or not. This model provides strong support and shapes your waist perfectly, making it look like an hourglass. On the other hand, it is elastic enough so you can move and breathe normally.

When these two characteristics combine, you can get to the conclusion about wearing this model during exercise. Because of the strong support, it may not be suitable for advanced and demanding physical activities which require a lot of bending. On the other hand, since it is light, thin and elastic, it can give great results if you use it during light physical activities and moderate cardio exercises. Thanks to the materials, it can increase sweating during cardio training, which will help you burn calories and remove toxins from the body. On the other hand, if you are specifically interested in exercising than make sure you read our review of the best waist trainer for exercising.

Last, but not least, you can buy this model for an incredibly low price. Do not let the price fool you. There are many benefits of using a waist trainer, and Waist Nipper Firm Control can offer you all of them. It is discrete, flexible, provides strong support and it can be worn during light and moderate physical activities. And what’s more, it is incredibly designed and truly beautiful, so it raises your feeling of self-confidence to a whole new level.