How to Know What Waist Cincher Size Is Right for You – Which Should You Choose?

How to Know What Waist Cincher Size Is Right for YouWill you be looking to purchase your very first waist training cinchers sometime soon?

You may have already read articles from the internet about the benefits that a waist cincher can give to the shape of your body.

In an instant, shapewear like this can give you a slimmer waist when looked at from the outside. If you continue to waist train using cinchers with proper diet and exercise, you can achieve the slimmer figure that you’ve been searching for.

When waist training, the very first thing that you need to do is to have your own cinchers to use. You can’t just pick any waist trainer that you see in the stores and buy them right away. What if the trainer is too small or too large for you? What if you do not feel comfortable in your new shapewear?

So when you go on a waist training regimen, you must get the proper waist cincher size that is right for you. However, how do you decide on the proper size of your shapewear?

How to Know What Waist Cincher Size Is Right for You?

1. Get Your Body Measurements

This is crucial to find the best cinchers for you. From top to bottom of your midsection, you need the proper measurements. Start at the bra line. When you measure the bra line, be sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground. Next is the waistline. To determine the waistline, it is measured two to three inches above your belly button. If you have a wider body and find it quite hard to locate your waist line, simply bend on the left and right.

The area where your body bends is considered your waistline. Then measure around your hip bone or slightly below it. This is the part of your body where that bends when you sit down. The last measurement you are going to need is the length of your cincher. Measure horizontally from just below your breast to the area where you bend when sitting.

Waste Training Cinchers2. Determine Your Corset Size

The rule to getting your waist cincher size is to choose one that is smaller than your regular waistlines size. Generally, if your waist size is below 38 inches, select a cincher size that is about 4 to 7 inches smaller than your actual waistline. If your waist-size is above 38 inches, choose a corset that it about 7 to 10 inches smaller.

These are the general steps when choosing the right waist cincher size for you. Moreover, there are also other factors to consider when choosing a corset. Some of these factors include your purpose of wearing such.

If you are only wearing a shapewear cincher for better back support, it is recommended to use one that is only around three to five inches smaller than your regular waist-size.

Another factor when selecting the waist cinchers size is the length of your torso. If you are a tall woman with a little extra belly fat, you can get a cincher that is eight to 10 inches smaller than your waist. Choosing shapewear that you are comfortable wearing is still recommended.

Lastly, is your bellies muscle tissue firm or soft? The softer your muscle tissue is, the smaller the shapewear cincher you will need.


Make your waist training as comfortable as possible. Get waist cinchers that are right for you! This will give you the figure you desire and comfortable feeling as your go on your waist training adventure.