Different Fabrics of Waist Trainers

Not all waist trainers are the same. Some obvious variations include size, color and style. One less thought about variation is the type of fabric used yet it makes a big different waist trainer corset fabricsdifference in your waist training experience. All the fabrics, leather, latex brocade, mesh or satin are all beautiful but they do have their pros and cons and one may be a better option than the other. If you are wondering which is the best corset fabric for you. Here are their differences.


Pure cotton excels all the other fabrics as a material for corset and it is the fabric the biggest proportion of corsets are made of. It has a high quality of absorbing moisture, so it is hygienic material for next to skin wear. Another important feature of cotton is that it is hard wearing. Therefore, corsets made of cotton retain their shape and do not pull away.

However, cotton ones may not be as glamorous as other materials but it has its own beauty of freshness and crispness. When mercerized, it shows a very cute and soft lustre. Another of its quality is that it is easy to launder and it holds dyes particularly well so that the shades used in the foundation garment remains clear even after constant tubbings.


Brocade fabrics are a beautiful, thick blend of polyester that has an almost similar feel to upholstery or tapestry. It has a more elegant look than plain fabric. Due to its thick nature, it can take more wears for it to feel as comfortable as the thinner fabrics but once it breaks into the body, it is a comfortable and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Lambskin leather

This is an incredibly supple fabric and it is comfortable almost instantly. Lambskin leather is different from the stiff and rigid leather and your clothes will not cling on the corset if you choose to wear it under clothing. However, it is slightly bulky so it is best to wear it over your clothing and show off its beauty.

Daily waist training with a leather corset is not recommended as leather is natural skin and is more likely to stretch with time.


Mesh is a favorite fabric to many people. It is comfortable and can be worn either over or under clothing. You can even wear it during hot days without feeling too warm and it gives you a great shape as it adds a little bulkiness to the corset.


Nylon is a man made material composed of coal, air and water. It is almost a type of plastic with remarkable lightness and strength. Nylon is non absorbent and easy to wash. However, you should never use it is hot water or iron it as it can melt and lose shape. However, it dries very fast and does not need any iron upon drying.


This a high quality corset material. It provides a high amount of compression and Is durable. If well taken care off, the shape of the waist trainer can be maintained for many months of daily wearing.