Over Training Dangers of Waist Training

In this post we would like to talk about the dangers of over training. Going too far with your waist training. You should keep this in mind and stay safe!


Skin irritation

Skin irritation is one of the most common side effect from waist training that people seem to get. And it’s really logical, having something so tightly fastened to your skin for such long periods of time will definitely cause some discomfort and skin irritation, even if it was made from the gentlest material out there. And you, like many others, might think that a simple rash is a small price to pay on your quest for the perfect body, think twice, because an irritation like this one can actually lead to an infection.


Have you ever had a bone bruise? It’s not that normal bruise that you get when you hit your leg on the side of the bed, but much more painful and long lasting. Well, you’ll definitely get to experience them if you opt for a waist trainer, because unlike the traditional corsets, those don’t have the strength needed to shape your bones. This means that they’ll leave you with some awful bone bruises. This is especially bad for the younger ones, because it can really permanently affect the development of their bone structure. You think that bruises are nothing serious? Well, think again.


Reduced oxygen intake is one of the side effects of waist training. The corset puts a huge amount of pressure on your stomach, and this causes for your entire internal network to get pushed in order to get the shape of the cincher. This way, your diaphragm gets restricted and your oxygen intake gets reduced. By lowering the amount of oxygen that you can take, you put yourself on a risk to feel short of breath, light headed and even faint.

Acid reflux

Have you ever experienced acid reflux? It’s really painful. A corset compresses your midsection and pushes your stomach up, thus increasing the chance of getting heartburns. But pain is not the only bad thing about experiencing acid reflux, since it can actually cause some long-term damages by harming the walls of your esophagus. So be careful!


Wearing a waist trainers won’t only affect your blood flow, but it can also harm your nerves leading you to numbness in the legs, and feeling pins and needles. So make sure you don’t wear one for too long.